Hard Charger offers the following Returns Policy: We have a two week return policy from the time of purchase and offer a full refund. No questions asked!!! Feel free to exchange for a different size as well.


We have currently opened up the site for pre orders on all of our items.  We normally don't stock sweat shirts and long sleeve t-shirts as it's extremely expensive to do so.  This way we can offer long sleeved items 3-4 times a year and it works out a lot better for the company as well as for our customers.  We also opened up all sizes on short sleeved t-shirts as a particular logo can be used to print short sleeved, long sleeved, etc... at one time.  We do have a lot of t-shirts in stock right now.  So if you order and we have that shirt, it will go out the next day and you'll receive an email stating as such with tracking.


We normally use Gilden for t-shirts and Champion for sweat shirts.  We did use Gilden 6.1 oz for the shirts but switched to 5.3 oz a s a lot of our customers were asking for lighter weight shirts.

The sweat shirts are outstanding and made of heavy duty material.  You'll wear your sweat shirt for years to come.